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Supplements Ampoules Ginseng Gelée Royale

Ginseng Gelée Royale

Ginseng Gelée Royale Energy and vitality


Improved physical strength and intellectual in the healthy :

  • During low-calorie diets
  • In athletes
  • In the elderly
  • Except after childbirth breastfeeding

Usage tips

1 ampoule daily Shake well before use and diluted in a glass of water for 10 to 30 days


Purified water, Honey, Ginseng extract with 4% ginsénosides, Orange concentrated juice, Royal jelly – Dry extract of acerola with 25% vitamine C and guarana with 12% cafeine - Magnésium chloride, Fer gluconate, Sodium selenite


Box of 10 vials of 10ml
ACL : 4704235

Box of 30 vials of 10ml
Code ACL : 4347278


Ginseng has a tonic action and therefore helps to fight against tiredness. It improves physical performances. It also helps to adapt to stress and find anew equilibrium.
Royal jelly stimulates general condition. It is an extract of vitamin B (B5,B6,B9), trace elements and minerals (iron,copper). It reinforces the natural defense of the organism with iron and selenium. This formula also contains guarana.
This tonic plant contains assimilated cafeine, that is not exciting. Magnesium is necessary to keep you in physical as well as psychological health. What's more acerola and orange are known for their hight vitamin C content.
Together with honey, they add their flavour to this formuls.